Money Saving Tips for the Horse Owner

We all know how tight money is these Covid-19 days. Having horses is an expensive hobby and the cost can sometimes get overwhelming, especially if you live in Florida – a very expensive place. Here are some great tips horse owners can follow to save money:

The first thing to do is think about cutting back on your herd. If you have a horse or two that you just don’t ride anymore and are going to waste in the pasture, you may want to think about selling or leasing them out.

horses pastureWe all love our horses, but it can get unreasonable to pay a fortune in bills for a pasture ornament. If selling is out of the question, consider leasing your horse out, or charging others to ride it. This way you’ll still be able to keep your horse, but he’ll earn his keep and won’t be such a strain on your bank account.

Sell your old tack and riding gear. When I used to walk into my tack-room, I’d see loads of tack I never used, from assorted saddles I picked up over the years, to once-tried bits, old bridles and hardly-worn show clothes. I finally decided I’d clear out my tack room of all the things I didn’t use.

I listed my tack on, and craigslist and ended up bringing in nearly $2,000. Also try bringing your unused stuff to your local tack swap.

Do you have an indoor arena or nice outdoor riding ring? Try charging for haul-ins. Lots of people don’t have a space of their own to ride and would gladly pay to haul their horse into a nice covered arena or lighted outdoor ring.

What about an extra stall or pasture? If you have your own private barn and are not filling up all the space, you may consider renting it out for some extra cash.

If you have the skill and experience, start offering to give riding lessons. Not only is it a great way to make some extra money, but it really improves your own skills and can be a lot of fun.

If you have a special horsey skill you’d like to share and make some cash while you’re doing it, try hosting a clinic at your barn. Weekend horse clinics are a blast. Skills permitting, you can host anything from a dressage clinic to a reining clinic, a horse diet clinic or a vaccinating clinic. The possibilities are endless.

horseIf you have some extra time, offer to ride, train and condition other people’s horses. People who don’t have time to ride their own horse will pay good money to have a qualified rider do it for them.

Do you have any artistic ability? Try making some horsey art out of old horseshoes. You can make anything from dream catchers and picture frames to personalized stall signs. Other horse owners will gladly pay for creative horse-related artwork.

Horses are supposed to be your escape from life. Don’t allow them to become a financial burden during these tough times. Next time you’re a little short of cash, take a look at this list.